Meet the Townspeople

To understand a place you must know those who inhabit it. Below is a small directory listing some of the Happydale residents and their biographical notes. Be sure to check back often as new characters are added.
Kip Mueller
A Ph.D. candidate in entomology at Utah State University Kip has returned home to Happydale to study desert scorpions, specifically the slender-tailed (Centruroides sculpturatus) and desert hairy (Hadrurus hirsutus) species.
Guy Pettington
An amateur novelist and playwright, Guy currently makes his living telemarketing and as a part-time EMT. He is captain of the Happydale cricket team and is known for both his excellent fielding and bowling.
Pauline Mba
Originally a foreign exchange student from Gabon, Pauline decided to make her home permanently in Happydale. She is currently a staff writer at the Happydale Gazette and is active in the campaign to end female circumcision in Africa.
Sploogy, the Naughty Clown
The world’s foremost X-rated clown, Sploogy is available to perform at birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings.
Doc Hall
Happydale’s chief medical practitioner and owner of the Happydale clinic, Doc Hall has lived in Happydale all his life and is dedicated to his craft. In his spare time he enjoys collecting cactii.
Ed Smart
Bartender at the 4 Jokers saloon and small-time film producer, Ed is rumored to be involved in all sorts of shady deals, though nothing has been proven as of yet.
Cameron Bergan
Local hero and four sport star at Happydale High School, Cameron has accepted a baseball scholarship from the University of Arizona and is projected to be a high pick in the upcoming major league draft.
Happydale police department deputy and Scout Master for local Troop 2033, H.R. spent a few years in the Marines before returning home and taking his current position. He is currently unattached and by far the most eligible bachelor in town.
Vonda Jensen
Feminist and avowed man hater, Vonda has written such books as: Penis = Power and The Male Hegemony in Academia. She currently maintains the extremely popular Pigman website (www.pigman).
Ralph Beck
Part owner of the Beck Advertising Agency and crackshot, Ralph is an upstanding member of the community and is active in the local Methodist church.
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