Meet the Townspeople
Paradox Man
Defender of truth, justice and the American way, Paradox Man is the self-proclaimed protector of Happydale. P-Man has successfully apprehended loiterers, jaywalkers and drunk drivers. He is now looking to “fry some bigger fish.“
Duncan Poe
Happydale’s Sheriff and four-time winner of the John Silver Memorial Bowling Tournament, Poe is originally from Summerfield, Louisiana and has lived in Happydale for almost thirty years. He has been divorced three times.
Roderick Thorn
Historian and eclectic scholar, Roderick maintains “Roderick’s Antiques” and is a freelance editor for the Happydale Gazette. He is currently working on volume XXVII of his history of the universe.
Dorothy “Dot” Silver
Owner of Silver’s General Store and president of the Davis Cartwright Fan Club, Dot has no children but has become a sort of surrogate mother to many people in the town. Each year she travels to comic book conventions all across the country in order to spread the word about the genius that was Davis Cartwright.
Nina and Tina Calloway
Straight-A students at Happydale Junior High school, both Tina and Nina are avid country music fans. Indeed, they dream of becoming professional musicians based in Nashville. Their favorite performers are the Judds.
Happy Holiday
Orphaned at birth, Happy was raised by a variety of foster parents in and around Happydale. He currently lives with his best friend Isaac Rule. Happy is the sole delivery boy for the Happydale Gazette, he is also a big fan of professional wrestling.
Jorge Svensson
Sculptor by trade and revolutionary by habit, Jorge was active in the civil rights movements of the 1960s until he lost his arm in a riot. Jorge’s statues bring high prices the world over and his book Postmodern Clay is required reading at many colleges.
Wilhelm Williams Sr.
Heir to the vast Williams Elastic fortune, Wilhelm has been able to pursue his true love; beat poetry. While his vanity published albums have yet to crack the charts, Wilhelm has a fine family including wife Wilma and son Wilhelm Jr.
Drake Utley
Saxophonist and master carpenter, Drake’s band “The 5th Columbus” has played both the Twain and McIntyer county fairs. Drake still makes his living with his hands however, and his woodwork is in great demand.
Cuttino Style
Pop culture anthropologist and speed metal connoisseur, Cuttino is exploring a culture which, “he” thinks, is moving toward the amorphous. “He” claims no race, gender, religion or culture but instead has dubbed “himself” the first truly modern ”man”. Cuttino likes ”his” steak rare.
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