Meet the “Minds” behind Happydale
The Artist
Seth Steven Fisher
Birth Date: 7-22-72
Strong Points: Eats Fruit, likes Opera and Progressive Dance Music, Powerful Nose
Weak Points: Work-aholic, No hair on head, Can't understand directions
Hobbies: Free diving, Badminton, Computers, Painting
Influences: Moebius, Rick Geary, Katsuhiro Otomo
Seth got his start drawing soon after birth when his artistic mother offered up the refrigerator door as a permanent gallery for his work. Soon after he headed off to college to find his new career in Mathematics. Unable to solve Fermat's Last Theorem before graduation, Seth decided to explore a new route overseas and spent 4 years in Japan working and perfecting his drawing technique. During his final year in Japan, Seth met Andrew over the internet and Happydale was born. The book was drawn over 6 months in Japan and is Seth's first Major comic work. Seth's other credits include, Cricket Magazine, Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated, DC's Big Book series, and Heavy Metal Magazine
Seth is currently living in Italy working on his next big top secret project.
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The Writer
Andrew Dabb
Birth Date: 05-27-78
Strong Points: Good memory, Well read, Thrifty.
Weak Points: Voyeuristic tendencies, Moody, Pessimistic, Fat.
Hobbies: Reading, History, Film, Anthropology, Speculation.
Influences: Ernest Hemingway, Elmore Leonard, Matt Wagner, Eiji Yoshikawa, Alan Moore, Orson Scott Card, Zhang Yimou.
Andrew began writing because there is nothing else to do in Utah. Later, he realized that it was much easier to have adventures, confess to wrongdoing and insult people in stories than it was in real life, and there was less risk. In junior high school he wowed classmates with stories about Mormon separatists and turn-of-the-century Ku Klux Klan murders. In high school he found out you can make money writing and proceeded to do so. In college he came to despise all Creative Writing majors. When he was 18 he began writing comic books, some of which saw print. That spring he met Seth Fisher and Happydale was born. Andrew continues to write piles of stories, the vast majority of which will never see the light of day. Currently, he is finishing degrees in both History and Anthropology at the University of Utah and preparing for graduate school. He considers himself a functioning sociopath.

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