Flowering Nose v1.0

The original Flowering Nose website was designed and created by Seth from 2001-2007. Below is a selection of pages from the original site so you can see how it used to look. We've also included a link to Seth's pinball redesign project, Egg World. Some webpages from the original site have been preserved in their original format (like the Happydale mini-site, which appears in the Works section, and the Toufuu pages, which can be found in the Seth section). 

Flowering Nose Original Website Index Page

Flowering Nose Original Site - About Seth Fisher

Flowering Nose Original Site Shop Page

Egg World: The Pinball Machine

In early 2000 Seth got the great idea that it would be fun to take an old pinball machine and restore it, changing the theme to his own creation. Read more on the original Flowering Nose website page.

Flowering Nose Egg World: The Pinball Game