Welcome friends to the digital domicile of Seth Fisher, protector of mankind, friend to small animals, and perpetual artist in training. Floweringnose is the translation of Seth's cerebral network into a freely accessible electronic database. Just as bacon and tomatoes unwittingly cooperate to become a delicious BLT, Seth's art is the communion of a multitude of disparate ideas and interests into tasty artistic morsels. Comic Books, Concept Design, Game Design and Illustration are simply recipes for cosmic union with Seth's subconscious. Seth's work is creative symbiosis. His technical arsenal assembled thanks to the selfless teachings of painterly gurus from many nations. His art, though attended to slavishly, is a cooperative work; a library of ideas assembled from across the globe and then reseeded back into the public conscious though his books and illustration. Electronic media forms the fertilizing mulch of Seth's mind where all art is a collaboration through the network of collective global genius. Seth may be reached via email.
Fan Art
Seth in his alternate slug form rests before defending the planet from the merciless tangerine lizard from space.
The Man

With Life as his constant guide, Seth roams with minimal inertia from one adventure to the next. Seth lives in Nagoya, Japan with his adorable wife and constant companion Hisako who encourages him in mad quests for excellence and occasionally corrects his Japanese. His interests range from spinning in circles looking for the inner Buddha, to pondering humans' behavior then laughing hysterically, to harvesting perfectly usable electronics found abandoned in Tokyo alleys and attaching them to his computer. Seth's most recent undertaking is a virtual reality Floweringnose Adventure Game developed with the help of programming genius Omar Wally. Other ongoing projects include finding a Grand Unification Theory to combine religions, sciences, and arts into one subject of study, learning to speak cat, becoming elected President in 2012, and learning to sew. In addition Seth enjoys mentoring emerging artists and giving free English lessons to budding Japanese world travelers. Seth's newest and most ambitious long term project is guiding his first (yet unborn) child into adulthood. The young man is scheduled to exit the Hotel Uterus and begin his career as a human being on May 5, 2004.

The Discipline

Whether it's making a sandwich, making a homepage or making love, every project is a work of art. Once in 1988 while lying in bed peeling a kiwi fruit with a sharp knife and watching Mel Brooks "History of the World, Part I" Seth fumbled for the remote and stabbed himself in the fleshy part of the arm just opposite the elbow barely missing the central artery. Unable to locate a bandage, Seth pressed pause then skillfully patched his wound with cotton balls and masking tape, which he insisted on using for the next five days while the damage healed. Seth's quick thinking that day avoided the trauma of a doctor's stitches and insured that he will always be able to remember that cool autumn evening when he feels the lump of scar tissue in his arm. The canvas is Seth, the paintbrush is life and the easel is everything else.

  The Buzz
Seth's first hardcover comic graphic novel Green Lantern: Willworld was released in 2001 to great critical acclaim. Two years later he was nominated for the prestigious comic industry Eisner Award as Best Penciler/Inker for his work on Flash: Time Flies and Vertigo Pop: Tokyo. His Japanese pop-thriller "Tokyo" has been featured in the LA Weekly and was named one of the 10 best comics of 2003 by British culture magazine THE FACE. Beyond comics, Seth's conceptual design work on the best selling adventure Myst III helped lead the game to numerous awards including Computer Game Magazine's: Adventure Game of the Year and GameSpot's: Best Adventure Game of 2001. Seth acknowledges that these recognitions are transitory individual opinions and hope that you create your own.

Cover for Tokyo

The Work
Comic Books
DC Comics: Green Lantern: Willworld
Flash: Time Flies
Doom Patrol (#13-14)
Batman LotDK: Snow (#1-5)
DC Vertigo: Vertigo Pop Tokyo (#1-4)
Happydale: Devils in the Desert
Paradox Press: Big Book of Vice, Big book of Grimm ...more
Heavy Metal: Lift, Sacrific, Lifeblood ...more
CD Covers
Bank$ (Japan)
Video Game Design
Presto Studios: Concept Design for Myst III
Cricket Magazine, Cicada Magazine
Dentsu (Japanese Ad Agency)
Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market
Penny Farthing Press (Comic Cover Illustration)
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated (comic magazine)
QuickJapan (magazine)
The Loved Ones
Huge eternal thanks are extended to my Mother, Father and family, my affectionate wife Hisako, my soul-partner Langdon, my lifelong spell checker April, my adoring fans, the entire nation of Japan, the ravishingly beautiful planet Earth and a host others who may not even be aware of my existence but have nevertheless altered my life in profoundly positive ways. I love you guys.
Seth expresses universal love to the dust particles and particulate matter with a bear hug embrace.