Floweringnose Inc. Personnel
Founder and CEO: The Floweringnose
The Floweringnose's career began quite by chance, while browsing periodicals in the Portsmouth Library in 1997. A spontaneous siege attempt on geographical reference (Dewey Decimal 910~) by Vaporous Spore of the Dark Slug Clan hurled the Floweringnose into the fray of interplanetary combat. Acting on instinct the Floweringnose jury rigged the microfiche to project felafel recipes across the main corridor severing Spore from his ammunitions. The rest of course, is history.
The Floweringnose
President and CEO
"The grass is green for a reason, after all."
Valentine, long time 'Nose' advocate, first gained notoriety for her efforts in saving the city of Brunswick from onslaught by the cruel dictator Heartless Toad of Juniper's Evil Monkey Legion. She served on the Flower Panel League (FPL) Board of Directors as Vice Director of Affection, and is a senior advisor to The Grow Green Corp.
Wendy Valentine
Sr. VP, Nasel Developement
"Imagination can move mountains, but that doesn't mean it's easy."
Turtle Boy received his MBA in Heroic Administration from Harvard and his PhD in Post Apocalyptic End Game Scenarios from Bermuda University. He is a senior fellow at Tundra Acclimation Group a nonpartisan think tank. In 2003 he was awarded the prestigious Zuckman Prize for his efforts in quelling the spawning insurgency launched by Mecha-Gil the malevolent robotic trout.
Turtle Boy
"Believe what you want. That's what I do."
VP, Aquatic Arts Div.
Friends of the Floweringnose
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Management Team
The Harness
The Helmet
Caped Fern
Mr. Negative
The Captain
Magic Egg Girl
Colonel Corn
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Dr Blunt
Lava Larry
Future Girl
Dayna Serious