Much has been, and continues to be written about Seth and his work. This ranges from comic book reviews and the writings of journalists and comic book professionals, to informal blogs and web pages. Since much of this material is fleeting - blogs can disappear overnight - we will try to preserve some of the most interesting material here on Flowering Nose. So, even if the link moves or becomes defunct, the original words can still be found here.

The menu on the left contains the full text and images of articles, reviews and interviews, with links back to the original (if this still exists). We've tried to get permission for this from the original authors/web sites, but this was not possible in all cases. If you find your article here, we hope you don't mind, but please contact us if there's a problem.

If you come across any news or features relating to Seth or his work that you think are of interest, please let us know.

For more information on Seth and his work, there are a number of good articles on Wikipedia.