Welcome friends to the digital domicile of Seth Fisher, protector of mankind, friend to small animals, and perpetual artist in training. Floweringnose is the translation of Seth's cerebral network into a freely accessible electronic database. Just as bacon and tomatoes unwittingly cooperate to become a delicious BLT, Seth's art is the communion of a multitude of disparate ideas and interests into tasty artistic morsels. Comic Books, Concept Design, Game Design and Illustration are simply recipes for cosmic union with Seth's subconscious. Seth's work is creative symbiosis. His technical arsenal assembled thanks to the selfless teachings of painterly gurus from many nations. His art, though attended to slavishly, is a cooperative work; a library of ideas assembled from across the globe and then reseeded back into the public conscious though his books and illustration. Electronic media forms the fertilizing mulch of Seth's mind where all art is a collaboration through the network of collective global genius.
  Unicorn Girl Fan Art Seth in Alternate Slug Form  
  Fan Art Seth in his alternate slug form rests before defending the planet from the merciless tangerine lizard from space.