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Seth at Comic Con 2004

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Seth Fisher (1972-2006) was an American comic book artist, whose untimely death robs us of a unique and prodigious talent, and a beautiful human being. However, despite its brevity, Seth’s creative output was impressive. In comics, he worked for the Big Two - DC and Marvel - on such iconic figures as Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four, as well as a number of less mainstream projects, including his own concepts and stories. His non-comic work was also broad and varied, ranging through book, magazine and album-cover illustration, as well as game design, such as concept art for the hugely successful Myst series. In fact, the more we look, the more we find: postcards and posters, t-shirt designs, children’s books and public murals. Seth seems to have been almost constantly making things! But whatever he was working on, he brought to it his own quirky and sublimely creative energy. And it is this spirit, more than any individual title or project, which continues to draw admirers and inspire fellow artists.
The purpose of this website is therefore primarily to keep Seth’s work in the public eye, so that others may come to explore and appreciate it. In doing this, we have had to revise and recontextualise the original material on the site – new visitors would need to be introduced to Seth’s work in a different way than when he was alive. But this was also a good opportunity to bring out some of the hidden gems from Seth’s closet – his preliminary sketches and private commissions, his fledgling ideas for new projects, and so on. Such materials give us additional insight into Seth’s creative process and allow us to better appreciate the man behind the drawing board/computer screen/large glasses. So, please explore the other sections, which we will continue to add to over time.
This particular section brings together much of the ‘About’ information from the original site (Welcome, The Man, The Discipline, The Buzz, The Loved Ones). It also unearths the mini-site dedicated to Seth’s then new-born son, Toufuu (to which we have added an updated section, so you can see what Toufuu and his family are like now). ‘Friends of Flowering Nose’ includes biographies of Seth’s colourful (and, we surmise, imaginary) team members at Flowering Nose, together with links to friends and other artists. Finally, ‘Memories of Seth’ is an account of Seth, his life and work, written by Seth’s mother, Vicki Sheridan.
Vicki is in fact the driving force behind Flowering Nose, and keeps a regular blog to share news and discuss Seth and his work. She is delighted that Seth’s art continues to attract admirers, and hopes that her efforts in keeping the site going will continue to serve this purpose. If you have any thoughts or comments concerning Seth, his work or the site in general that you would like to share with her, she would be pleased to hear from you (please contact her using the web form).